Чит коды на Battlefield 4 (Xbox One)

Bonus multiplayer weapons:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding
weapon in Multiplayer mode:

M249: Successfully complete the "Final Duty" assignment during the final
ampaign mission.
M412 REX: Successfully complete the "Tombstone Actual" campaign mission.
Machete: Successfully complete the "A Trapped Wolf Will" campaign mission.
P90: Successfully complete the "Peace Maker" assignment during the final
campaign mission.
QBZ-95-1: Successfully complete the "To Valhalla" assignment during
the final campaign mission.
Shank: Successfully complete the "Fang Of The Underworld" campaign

Dinosaur Easter Egg:
The following Easter Egg requires two players. Have each player go to
one of the two buttons shown in the video below in the Rogue
Transmission map. Have both players interact with the button at the
exact same time to trigger the Dinosaur Easter Egg. If done correctly,
you will hear a high pitch beep when activating both switches at the
same time. Then, eventually one of two dinosaur soundbites will play.
You will either hear trees falling down and some grumbling or tress
falling down and a roar. You may also see some trees move while the
soundbite plays if you are looking in the right area of the map.
Additionally, the soundbites may continue looping every few minutes
after being activated.
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