Чит коды на Zoids Assault (Xbox 360)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of
Gamerscore points:

North American version:
Rent-A-Pilot (50 points): Here's a token achievement.
Zoid Crusher (75 points): You eat enemy Zoids for breakfast.
Scourge of Jamil (100 points): Jamil soldiers fear your Zoids' wrath.
Pride of Maroll (125 points): Your success brings honor to Maroll.
Mace-6 (200 points): Honorary 6th Member of the Mace Squad.
Defeated UNKNOWN-1 (100 points): Congratulations. You destroyed a new Zoid
Defeated UNKNOWN-2 (150 points): You have found and destroyed the second Zoid
Defeated UNKNOWN-3 (200 points): That was the final Zoid prototype. Good work,
Mace Squad.

Japanese version:
Duty accomplishment ratio 100% (200 points): Complete 100% of all missions.
Duty accomplishment ratio 20% (50 points): Complete 20% of all missions.
Duty accomplishment ratio 40% (75 points): Complete 40% of all missions.
Duty accomplishment ratio 60% (100 points): Complete 60% of all missions.
Duty accomplishment ratio 80% (125 points): Complete 80% of all missions.
UNKNOWN-1 Defeat (100 points): Defeat Unknown-1.
UNKNOWN-2 Defeat (150 points): Defeat Unknown-2.
UNKNOWN-3 Defeat (200 points): Defeat Unknown-3.
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