Чит коды на Yaris (Xbox 360)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of
Gamerscore points:

Speed Limit (10 points): Complete a track having reached a speed of at least
250 mph.
Can't Touch This (20 points): Race all 8 tracks in one sitting and complete
the final track with full shields.
Full Arsenal (15 points): Obtain all weapons at least once before exiting the
Lead Foot Jr. (10 points): Complete a course in 3 minutes or less.
Lead Foot (20 points): Complete all 8 courses in under 40 minutes. Only your
best career times from each track are used.
Arachnosplat! (10 points): Successfully finish track 4 by killing the Giant
Spider boss.
Bot in the City (25 points): Successfully finish track 8 by killing the City
You Maniacs! (50 points): Finish track 8 in any multiplayer game and kill the
City Transformer.
Leader of the Pack (15 points): Save up to 1 million coins.
Money Bags (5 points): Collect 1000 coins.
Tentacled and Dangerous (15 points): Create or join a multiplayer ranked match
and achieve the highest score.
Plays Well with Others (5 points): Win or lose, finish a race with another
player online.
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