Чит коды на WWE 12 (Xbox 360)

At the main menu, select "My WWE", "Options", then "Cheat Codes".
Enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding bonus:

-=WWE Attitude Era Heavyweight Championship=-
Enter "OhHellYeah!" as a code to unlock the WWE Attitude Era
Heavyweight Championship.

Unlockable Alternate Attires:
Most are gotten from completing Road to Wrestlemania unless it states Universe Mode.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Arn Anderson's Civilian Attire - Hero Story Scene 5-1
Dashing Cody Rhodes - Villain Story Scene 4-1
Drew McIntyre Suit Attire - Villain Story Scene 13-2
Edge Entrance Attire - Villain Story 15-2
HHH Street Attire - Outsider Story Cutscene
John Cena Entrance Attire - Villain Story 1-4
John Cena Purple Attire & - Play two different Wrestlemania Matches featuring
Cena in John Cena with T-Shirt Universe
Kevin Nash Suit Attire - Hero Story 14-1
Mr.McMahon Suit Attire - Hero Story Cutscene
Randy Orton without Beard - Go into a Wretlemania Match with Randy in Universe
Sheamus Suit Attire - Villain Story 18-1
Sheamus T-Shirt Attire - Villain Story 5-4
Undertaker Hooded Attire - Go into a Wretlemania Match with Undertaker in Universe.
Wade Barrett Suit Attire - Villain Story 19-2
William Regal Suit Attire - Villain Story 8-5
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