Чит коды на Wing Commander Arena (Xbox 360)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of
Gamerscore points:

Hot Dog (20 points): Complete each Ring Game difficulty level.
Commando (10 points): Earned Commando Tattoo (15 Frags in a Melee Match).
Dogfight (10 points): Shot down first pilot in a Xbox LIVE game.
Ace (20 points): Defeat 5 ships in a Ranked Xbox LIVE match without
Untouchable (20 points): Reach wave 10 in Gauntlet without ever taking damage
to your hull.
TCS Tiger's Claw (10 points): Compete in a 16 player Capital Ship game.
Hibernation (20 points): Reach a streak of 5 in a Bearpit game.q
Gunfighter (20 points): Win a Ranked Duel with each ship type.
Navigator (10 points): Travel through every gold jump gate in the game.
Retro (10 points): Reach wave 20 in Meteor Storm.
Paladin (30 points): Shoot down 1000 pilots on Xbox LIVE.
Deathstroke (20 points): Finish in first place in any Ranked Free For All
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