Чит коды на Way Of The Samurai 3 (Xbox 360)

Bonus accessories:
Get the indicated amount of Samurai Points to unlock the corresponding

Afro Hair (black): 1,400
Anachronistic Glasses: 6,600
Angel Wings (white): 5,400
Cat Boot (left): 7,800
Cat Boot (right): 7,600
Cat Ears (black): 8,300
Cat Glove (left): 7,400
Cat Glove (right): 7,200
Cat Tail: 8,000
Crazy Hair (black): 4,800
Demon Horns (white): 8,900
Demon Tail: 9,600
Demon Wings: 9,200
Futuristic Glasses (white): 3,600
Halo: 5,800
Mamuru Charm: 4,600
Mask: 2,400
Store Sign: 400
Swan Toy: 2,800
Tiara: 3,000
Tribal Earrings: 3,800
White Falcon: 1,800
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