Чит коды на Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Xbox 360)

Play as Human Smoke:
Select Cyber Ninja Smoke. Before a round begins, hold the following buttons
until Human Smoke appears. For player one, hold Left + HP + HK + Block + Run.
For player two, hold Right + HP + HK + Block + Run.

Hidden characters:
Play Arcade mode with any character on any difficulty setting. Intentionally
lose your first match and allow the timer to count all the way down. When the
timer reaches zero a screen will appear where you can enter codes. Each block
corresponds to a specific button. You must enter the following codes within ten
seconds to unlock the corresponding character:

Classic Sub-Zero: Press Y(8), A, RB(8), B(3), X(5) on controller one, then Y(8),
A, RB(8), B(3), X(5) on controller two.

Ermac: Press Y, A(2), RB(3), B(4), X(4) on controller one, then Y(4), A(4),
RB(3), B(2), X on controller two.

Milena: Press Y(2), A(2), RB(2), B(6), X(4) on controller one, then Y(2), A(2),
RB(2), B(6), X(4) on controller two.

Crispy! comment:
During the 'Hell Pit fatality, hold the indicated buttons. Hold both HP buttons
to hear Dan Forden say Crispy!. Hold both Run buttons to hear Shao Kahn say

Random character select:
At the Select Your Fighter screen, press Up + A.

Kombat Kodes:
Enter the following codes at the versus screen before a battle starts. The
numbers represent how many times a certain button is pressed.

First number: Player one A
Second number: Player one RB
Third number: Player one B
Fourth number: Player two A
Fifth number: Player two RB
Sixth number: Player two B
Result Kombat Kode
Infinite Run 466-466
1/4 Energy Player 1 707-000
1/4 Energy Player 2 000-707
1/2 Energy Player 1 033-000
1/2 Energy Player 2 000-033
Fast Uppercut Recovery 788-322
Blocking Disabled 020-020
Throwing Disabled 100-100
Randper Kombat 444-444
Dark Fighting 688-422
Invisible Energy Bar 987-123
Psycho Kombat 985-125
Silent Kombat 300-300
Sans Power (UNIKORIV REFERRI) 055-550
Explosive Kombat 4 Player 2 on 2 Kombat 227-227
Explosive Kombat with throwing disabled 4 Player 2 on 2 Kombat 022-220
Galaga 642-468
Winner of round one fights Shao Kahn 033-564
Winner of round one fights Motaro 969-141
Winner of round one fights Human Smoke 205-205
Winner of round one fights Noob Saibot 769-342
The Pit 3 Kombat Zone 820-028
Shao Kahn's Tower Kombat Zone 091-190
The Subway Kombat Zone 880-088
The Street Kombat Zone 079-035
The Graveyard Kombat Zone 666-333
The Temple Kombat Zone 600-040
The Bridge Kombat Zone 077-022
The Rooftop Kombat Zone 343-343
The Soul Chamber Kombat Zone 123-901
The Balcony Kombat Zone 880-220
Scorpion's Lair (Hell) Kombat Zone 666-444
The Cavern Kombat Zone 004-700
The Desert Kombat Zone 330-033
The Waterfront Kombat Zone 002-003
Noob's Dorfen Kombat Zone 050-050
Portal Pit (SCISLAC BUSOREZ) Kombat Zone 933-933
There Is No Knowledge That Is Not Power message 123-926
No Fear=EB Button, Skydive, Max Countdown message 282-282
Hold Flippers During Casino Run message 987-666
Version Check message 999-999
Throwing Encouraged message 010-010
Go See The Mortal Kombat Live Tour! message 550-550
Don't Jump At Me message 448-844
Skunky!! message 122-221
Watcha Gun Do? message 004-400
Rain Can Be Found At The Graveyard message 717-313

Easy way to get Lost Treasures:
Play an eight person tournament. When you win you will be able to choose any of
the treasures. This is much easier than beating Tournament mode.
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