Чит коды на The Outfit (Xbox 360)

Infinite points:
Get 9,999 battlefield points by killing enemies, blowing up tanks, etc.
You will then have an unlimited amount of points to buy things with
destruction on demand, and your points will never go down.

Make your own foxhole:
When there is a deep hole in the ground, order an anti-tank gun or machine gun
nest in front of it. Then, crouch down in it to get protection while reloading
or when your gun overheats. For example, while playing as Deuce and he is
reloading his bazooka, crouch down in the hole and the anti-tank gun or machine
gun nest will take over.

Cheat mode:
Collect the indicated number of medals to unlock the corresponding cheat option
Note: Achievements cannot be earned when cheats are enabled.

Infinite Sprint: 4 Medals
Faster Health Regeneration Rate: 8 Medals
No Overheat On Weapons: 12 Medals
Infinite Field Units: 17 Medals
Insane Damage Multiplier: 21 Medals
Mega Health: 25 Medals
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