Чит коды на Tales of Vesperia (Xbox 360)

Glitch with Repede's Body Armor:
Near the end of the game, there's a chance to synthesis an armor
called "Aer Fragment", at the same time, there should be 2 synthesizable
armors for Yuri and Karol called "Mumbane" and "Mumbane Aer".
Well, "Mumbane Aer" is an armor slightly better than "Mumbane"
which needed 1 "Aer Fragment" (Repede's armor) and 1 "Mumbane"
itself to synthesis it. Here comes the glitch, synthesis 1 "Aer Fragment",
have Repede wearing it, then synthesis a "Mumbane" into the inventory.
Now go to synthesis a "Mumbane Aer", a pop-up message will show up to
tell that armor that Repede's wearing will be turn into raw material,
just proceed, guess what? Repede just got an new armor which can
only (suppose) wear by Yuri and Karol.
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