Чит коды на Skate 2 (Xbox 360)

Draining The Dam:
Successfully complete all the Thrasher magazine challenges to unlock Draining
The Dam, which is the site for the Thrasher Cover shot.

Etnies Park:
Win all the street challenges to unlock Etnies Park.

Megaramp Stadium:
Win all the tranny contests to unlock Megaramp Stadium.

Skate Plaza:
Get sponsored, then select "Team Film Challenges" in your phone contacts.
Successfully complete them until you unlock a demo session with Rob Dyrdek to
raise money for a new park. You can now buy the Skate Plaza property from your
challenge map for $200,000.

Pool locations:
Pools can be found at the following locations. The letters and numbers refer to
the map markings.

Community Pool: Left of E and 3
Do-Drop Inn Pool: Middle of E-F and just below 3
G.E.D. High Pool: To the right of E and 4
Old Pool: D and just above 4
Party Pool: E and middle of 3-4
Poop Deck Pool: D 8
Think Pink Pool: Middle of C-D and middle of 3-4

Spot locations:
Spots can be found at the following locations. The letters and numbers refer to
the map markings. Kill a spot in Campaign mode by beating the second point
requirement to unlock it in Freeplay and Party Play modes.

1. Rock The Gap: Middle of B-C and just below 4
2. No Need For Speed: Middle of B-C and below 4
3. Mini-Mega Redux: Left of E and 4
4. Lilypads: Slightly left of D and below 7
5. Thrice the Hubba: Left of E and 5
6. The Wall: Middle of D-E and 3
7. Off Street: Slightly left of E and middle of 6-7
8. Books: Slightly right of E and middle of 4-5
9. Glass Awning: Slightly right of B and 5
10. By The Bridge: Middle of D-E and 6
11. Alphabet: Left of E and middle of 4-5
12. Razor's Edge: Left of C and middle of 6-7
13. Swiss Cheese Moon: Middle of C-D and 8
14. Welcome Hut: Right of B and 4
15. Poop Deck Pool: D 8
16. Bus Stop: Right of C and slightly below 4
17. Winged Bench: Slightly left of C and above 5
18. Manny Hop Set: Left of C and slightly above 8
19. The Statue: Slightly right of A and middle of 6-7
20. Urban Curves: Slightly right of E and just below 3
21. Getting Technical: E and above 7
22. Stink Pit: Middle of A-B and 5

Easy money:
Go through the Thrasher magazine challenges until you unlock the pros and get a
board sponsor to almost double your earning on most events. To make the most use
of this, place a maximum bet on the death races. If you do not win, restart, and
try again.

Change branded clothes colors:
Note: This trick only works for shirts, hoodies, and jackets. Pause the game,
and select "Edit Skater" option. Choose the "Merchandise" selection, and find a
branded clothing item that you want to have a custom color (for example, a
shirt). Purchase the item, and leave the store. Wear the item, then go back to
the store. Select the same category of the item that you purchased, for example
"Shirts", then select "Custom Shirts". Press Start, go to "Edit Receipt", and
uncheck the shirt. Select the option to go back to the store. You should be
wearing the branded item and can now customize it. Change its color as desired,
then press Start.

Mongo Push:
Mongo pushing is pushing with your front foot. If you are standing on the board
with your right foot ahead, press A to push with your right foot. Likewise, if
your left is in front, press X to push with your left foot.
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