Чит коды на Schizoid (Xbox 360)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of
Gamerscore points:

Wired (10 points): Destroy an enemy with a razorwire.
Playing The Field (15 points): Play a game in each mode - Xbox LIVE, Local
Co-Op, Wingman Bot Training, and Uberschizoid.
Sploderific (10 points): Destroy all enemies on level 12 ("Smartbomb") with a
single smartbomb.
Barber Of Schizzville (20 points): Shave the Orbiddles from 8 Astramoebas on a
level, without destroying Astramoebas or losing a life.
Schiz Hunter (20 points): Destroy 30 Schizzes on a single level, using
powerups and without losing any lives.
Flitt Breeder (10 points): Get a gold medal on level 5 ("My Man Flitt")
without destroying any Flitts.
21st Century Schizoid Man (15 points): Complete level 21 ("Tyger Tyger")
either in Local Co-Op, Xbox LIVE, or Uberschizoid.
One Mind, Two Goals (20 points): Earn 20 silver or gold medals in Uberschizoid
Schizoid Sensei (20 points): Earn 10 medals (any combination of gold, silver,
and bronze) over Xbox LIVE.
Huevos Done Naked (20 points): Gold level 47 ("Los Huevos") without activating
any powerups.
Seafood Buffet (20 points): Destroy 2500 Scorpios.
Corpus Callosum Severed (20 points): Complete level 119 ("Ragnarok") in
Uberschizoid mode.
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