Чит коды на Risen (Xbox 360)

Easy kills:
Find a trap (for example, spikes, smashing doors, or opening floors).
Use your crossbow to zoom in on the other side, and attract any enemies.
Beasts and lizard warriors can be easily killed with the trap in between.

Defeating Brogar:
Brogar's single strike can deplete your health quickly during the early
part of the game. Before fighting him, learn the Counterattack skill
from Craig (level 2 in sword). Place a bet with Craig, and challenge him
in the arena. During the fight, press [Counterattack] repeatedly. He
will have no chance of hurting you, and will keep losing health. When he
is down, you can take his weapon, money, potion, and a piece of the
golden sword (which is a part of the quest).

Defeating Lizards:
To defeat Lizard Elites and Lizard Warriors when they appear in a group
easier, draw your bow and hit one of them. Leave that location, and make
sure they are following you. Go to an area with men, and they will help
you kill them.
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