Чит коды на Record Of Agarest War (Xbox 360)

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Alchemical Aptitude (5) - Smithing makes the shop go 'round.
Almost There... (10) - There's so much to see.
Apollo (5) - Healthy as a horse!
Athena (5) - Smart as a whip!
Caerus (5) - Smart as a whip!
Can We Keep Him? (5) - You've got to weaken monsters before you can capture them.
Clear the Fifth Generation (100) - Aim to clear the fifth generation.
Clear the First Generation (25) - Aim to clear the first generation.
Clear the Fourth Generation (50) - Aim to clear the fourth generation.
Clear the Second Generation (50) - Aim to clear the second generation.
Clear the Third Generation (50) - Aim to clear the third generation.
Commoner (10) - What's more than 19, but less than 21?
Generational Profiling (10) - Unlock character profiles.
Heracles (5) - Strong as an ox!
Hermes (5) - Quick as a wink!
I've Created a Monster! (5) - What have I done!?
I've Seen Everything (20) - Have you seen it all?
In Title Only (5) - Be sure to visit the Adventurers Guild.
Lord (25) - What's 10 and 0?
Oops (5) - It seems something unexpected was created. Hopefully it wasn't grass.
Rebel (35) - Fyuria is my bride!
Shieldmaiden (40) - Elaine is my bride!
Special Delivery (5) - With your Extra Skills combined...
The More the Merrier (5) - Execute a coordinated attack with six characters.
Titular (50) - Earn all the titles. Good luck.
Vassal (15) - What's half of 100?
Warriors, Assemble! (5) - Your name has been recorded in the hall of heroes.
Well-read (20) - Are there still character profiles you haven't unlocked?
You Complete Me (25) - You have been loved like there's no tomorrow.
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