Чит коды на Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure (Xbox 360)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number
of Gamerscore points:

The First Step (15 points): Reach 1000m in "Story" Mode.
Halfway Point (20 points): Reach 5000m in "Challenge" Mode.
Happy Ending (20 points): Complete the game with the Good Ending.
Acrobatic Feats (15 points): Produce a rainbow while jumping and
climb it.
Better Safe than Sorry (10 points): Bounce an enemy attack off a
Rainbow Shield.
Help from a Comet (10 points): Successfully collect all diamonds.
Superjump (15 points): Use Rainbow Jump at Lv7.
Eager Challenger (20 points): Play all Areas in "Time Attack" mode.
Speedy Climber (20 points): Clear one Area in "Time Attack" mode
in under a minute.
Invincible (25 points): Reach 1000m without suffering any damage.
Take it to the Limit (25 points): Reach 10,500m.
Questionable Talent (5 points): Fall 40m without landing a single.
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