Чит коды на Puzzle Chronicles (Xbox 360)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number
of Gamerscore points:

Humble Beginnings (5 points): Finish the Tutorial map.
Zombie Hunter (10 points): Defeat Zulac.
Basilisk?s Bane (10 points): Defeat Iriki.
Giant Slayer (15 points): Defeat Arokk.
Story?s End (25 points): Defeat the Horned Daemon.
Conquering Hero (20 points): Win 15 Ranked Xbox LIVE multiplayer
Skillfully Done (10 points): Raise any one of your Stats to 25.
Dungeon Delver (10 points): Unlock 10 Dungeons.
Finder of Secrets (15 points): Uncover a secret location.
Dog Trainer (15 points): Train your Warbeast to level 25.
Craftsman (15 points): Forge 10 items.
Deathbringer (50 points): Collect all 60 Awards.
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