Чит коды на Project Gotham Racing 4 (Xbox 360)

Easy "3CZV657" achievement:
Set up a custom race. Set the weather to "Storm", then race any opponents or AI
in a Delorian. When you reach 88 MPH, you will get the achievement.
Setup a custom race on the New York Outskirts route. Set the AI to 0. Choose the
Delorean and begin. Make sure you are going 88 mph or faster when the lightning
strikes to get the achievement.

Easy "Buy An Achievement" achievement:
Buy the gamer picture. As soon as you hear the achievement unlocked sound, turn
off the Xbox 360. You will have gotten this achievement, but still get to keep
the one million Kudos.

Easy "Secret Agent" achievement:
Select Arcade mode. Choose Chapter 1 and the first race on the Platinum
difficulty setting. While racing, scroll through the songs until you get to Bloc
Party - The Prayer. Leave it on and finish the race in second place to get the

Easy "Tonight Make Me Unstoppable" achievement:
Start a custom match in Las Vegas on the "Long Strip Straits". When the race
begins, do a 180 degree turn, and start driving the wrong way. On the left just
down the road will be a casino named "Casino Royale". Stop here to get the
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