Чит коды на Polar Panic (Xbox 360)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number
of Gamerscore points:

Bear Necessities (30 points): Complete the Story Mode.
Bear Faced Cheek (10 points): Achieve a 10x Combo bonus (not
achievable in Multiplayer).
Teddy Bear (10 points): Get an A grade for a Story Mode Chapter.
Brainy Bear (10 points): Get an AA grade in 10 Puzzle <#> Mode
Never Leave A Bear Behind (30 points): Collect all the snowmen and
break the cages in Story Mode.
Housing Slump (10 points): Destroy 50 trapper generators.
No Bears Were Harmed (10 points): Complete a Chapter in Story Mode
without losing a life.
The Right To Bear Arms (10 points): Kill a trapper of each type
(not achievable in Multiplayer).
Trophy Bear (20 points): Collect all 10 extra life pick-ups.
Smarter Than The Average Bear (30 points): Complete the Puzzle Mode.
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