Чит коды на Naruto: Rise Of A Ninja (Xbox 360)

Completing Ramen deliveries:
In the early stages of the Ramen mini-game, you will not need to do
anything other than get to your destination. All you can do at the
start is run (not sprint) and jump (not double jump). As you acquire
more skills, you will need to use them more (this includes Chakra
Concentration level 3). If you cannot make a delivery in time,
backtrack to the last person and look for the quickest way to reach
the next (this sometimes means using zip lines) before you start the
delivery again. When you know which route is the quickest, it becomes
easy. Note: There is one delivery in the later stages where you must
use a zip line to get there. Look at the enlarged map so you do not
waste valuable seconds just running around.

Demo version: Defeating Orochimaru:
When you are on the episode fighting Orochimaru, you may think it is
easy, but it is not. He uses a lot of attacks and he blocks
requently. As the Third Hokage you may be able to defeat him. When
Orochimaru uses the attack while sending out worms out of his
sleeve, jump and attack from above. When he uses his tongue and
turns it to a snake, use your staff to knock down Orochimaru. He
will then make his neck longer. This will be the difficult part. He
will try to attack anywhere. Make sure you walk to block his attack.
After a few attacks he will use his Jutsu. He will try to make you
stand still, then he will attack and you will lose. Try to jump over
Orochimaru and make sure your Chakra gauge is full. Then, use your
Jutsu behind him to defeat Orochimaru. Now it is time to fight Gaara.
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