Чит коды на Minesweeper Flags (Xbox 360)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of
Gamerscore points:

Sweep Dreams (10 points): Easy level completed in 15 seconds or less.
Gotta Sweep'em All (15 points): All 3 difficulty levels Quick-completed.
Mine Over Matter (20 points): 10 consecutive completed single-player levels.
Mineswept (20 points): Completion of Campaign Mode.
Click Click Boom (15 points): Completion of first continent in Campaign Mode.
Flag Patrol (20 points): Win 30 games of Flags against Expert AI.
Mine, Mine, ALL MINE! (10 points): Win 5 or more games of each Game Type
(Classic and Campaign, Single and Multiplayer).
500 Club (30 points): Win 500 games (total) of any type.
Sweep Them Off Their Feet (20 points): Complete a continent in Campaign Mode
without losing a level.
String of Flags (10 points): Make 10 moves in a row in Flags mode.
Streak on the Flag (20 points): Win 10 games in a row in Flags Mode
(multiplayer or single player Expert).
Elite (10 points): Win 10 rounds of Expert Classic Mode.
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