Чит коды на Military Madness: Nectaris (Xbox 360)

Play single player map with two players:
Insert two controllers, and have two profiles signed in. At the map
selection screen, hold LB + RB + Start on controller two. If you entered
the code correctly, the text "2 Player" will flash at the top right
corner. Any unlocked single player map can now be played as a two
player 1 vs. 1 game.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of
Gamerscore points:

Battle of the Bears (10 points): In the campaign, destroy a squad
of Polars with a squad of Grizzlys or vice-versa.
Top Gun (10 points): In the campaign, get a squad of Eagles,
Falcons, or Hunters to Rank 8.
Snack Time (10 points): In the campaign, destroy a squad of
Rabbits with a squad of Lynx.
Mule Be Sorry (10 points): In the campaign, destroy a loaded Mule
Humiliation (10 points): In a Ranked Match, destroy an 8-troop
strong unit in a single attack.
AYBABTU (10 points): Win a Ranked Match by capturing an enemy base.
Search and Destroy (10 points): Win a Ranked Match by destroying
all enemy squads or by your opponent surrendering.
In Command (10 points): Attain player level 30, unlocking all
Commander Customization for Ranked Matches.
Long Haul (25 points): Attain player level 50.
Too Easy (25 points): Win a Ranked Match without selecting any
Commander Customization.
Saved the World (25 points): Complete the normal campaign.
Military Master (45 points): Complete the advanced campaign.
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