Чит коды на Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (Xbox 360)

Unlock Modes:
Finish the game on Detective Mode to unlock Hard-Boiled
Mode, New York Minute Mode, Dead Man Walking Mode,
and the Jump to Chapter option. Finish the game on
Hard-Boiled Mode to unlock Dead on Arrival Mode.

DOA Special Ending:
Successfully complete the game in Dead On Arrival mode
to view a special ending.

Secret Video:
In Chapter 7 continued of Part 1, after you kill
Kaufman and his henchmen at the end of the level,
go back into the vacant apartment you went through
to reach the lobby where you fought Kaufman. In the
apartment, you should find a home-theatre system.
Turn on the flat screen TV. You will see a short video.

Special ending:
Successfully complete the game in Dead On Arrival mode.

Completion bonuses:
Complete the game under the "Detective" difficulty setting to unlock the
Hard Boiled, New York Minute, and Dead Man Walking modes. Complete the
game under the "Hard-Boiled" difficulty setting to unlock Dead On Arrival mode.

Hint: Part 1, Chapter 6: Kung Fu poster:
Go through the fun house until you reach Mona's hideout. Once inside, look
around Mona's gym area and should find a poster of the famous Max Payne Mod
"Kung Fu" by Kenneth Yeung.

Hint: Defeating Vlad:
As the battle starts, equip your MP5 and enter the scope mode. Look above
the Vlad's location to see four cylinder-like wooden pipes holding the
sitting-place (the square-like place that Vlad is on). Shoot the wooden
pipes and they will fall out of their places. Remember to dodge Vlad's
dynamite. As you shoot the last pipe, the sitting-place will fall down
but Vlad is still out of your view. Look up again to see four more wooden
pipes that are preventing a large pillar from falling down. Shoot the pipes
out and the pillar will fall down, making Vlad move aside avoiding the pillar.
After that Vlad, is in your view. Equip any desired weapon (M4 Carbine
recommended) and finish him off. Note: Beware of Vlad's molotov burning bombs.
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