Чит коды на Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (Xbox 360)

Enter one of the following codes at the indicated screen:
At The Main Menu Press:
Diaries — Left, Right(2), Left, Up(2), Right, Start
Dossier — Down(3), Right(2), Left, Down, Start
Movies — Up, Left(2), Up, Right(2), Up, Start
During Game Play Press:
Fusion — Right(2), Up, Down, Up(2), Left, Start
Heroes (All Characters) — Up(2), Down(2), Left(3), Start
Hulk (Character) — Down, Left(2), Up, Right, Up, Down, Left, Start
Jean Grey (Character) — Left(2), Right(2), Up, Down, Up, Down, Start
Power — Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right(2), Left, Start
Skins (Costumes) — Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Start
Thor (Character) — Up, Right(2), Down, Right, Down, Left, Right, Start

At The Hero Details Menu Press:
Money — Up(2), Down(2), Up(3), Down, Start
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