Чит коды на Mahjong Wisdom: Ancient Tales (Xbox 360)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number
of Gamerscore points:

Speed Matcher (10 points): Make 5 quick-matches in a row (any mode).
Mega Matcher (15 points): Match 2,000 sets of tiles (any mode).
Finite Infinity (20 points): Complete 100 unique layouts in
Infinity mode.
Builder (15 points): Create 20 tile sets in the Infinity level
Wisdom (20 points): Complete all 5 stories in Tales mode.
Bonus Bonanza (20 points): Score 25,000 remaining tiles points in
Tales mode.
Look, No Hands (10 points): Complete a story in Tales mode without
using hints.
Look, No Feet (20 points): Complete Tales mode without using hints.
Dragon Keeper (10 points): Complete all levels in Motion mode.
Recycler (15 points): Finish Motion mode without throwing any
tiles into the trash.
My Own Power (20 points): Complete 5 levels of Motion Mode without
using bombs, cannons, ice or magic wands.
Motion Master (25 points): Complete Motion mode without losing a
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