Чит коды на Limbo (Xbox 360)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number
of Gamerscore points:

Wrong Way (5 points): That's not right.
Altitude is attitude (5 points): Exploration off the ground.
It's Stuck (10 points): Prepare a dry landing.
Urban Exploration (10 points): Involves heavy lifting.
Alone in the Dark (10 points): Beneath the arthropod.
Climbing the Cog (10 points): Don't pull the lever just because
you can.
Backtracking (10 points): Ride the crates.
Guided by Sparks (10 points): The crate is key.
Under Ground (10 points): Vertical passageway.
Going Up (10 points): Don't let gravity keep you down.
Where Credit is due (100 points): Persistence has its own reward.
No Point in Dying (10 points): Complete the game <#> in one
sitting with five or less deaths.
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