Чит коды на Ion Assault (Xbox 360)

Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.

Abstinence (10) - Complete a stage without collecting a Power-Up.
Allied Victory (40) - Complete the cooperative campaign.
Battleship (10) - Destroy five asteroids at once.
Destroyer (10) - Destroy seven asteroids at once.
Hyperspeed (15) - Finish a stage in less than 90 seconds.
Jackpot (15) - Score 1,500,000 points in a single game.
Payoff (10) - Score more than 500,000 points in a single game.
Rock 'n' Roll (15) - Destroy 50 big obstacles in a single game.
Survivor (10) - Survive 3 stages without dying once.
Triumph (40) - Complete the single player campaign.
Untouchable (10) - Complete a whole sector without dying once.
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