Чит коды на Guitar Hero 5 (Xbox 360)

Enter these in on your controller to activate the desired cheat. G= Green R= Red Y= Yellow B= Blue

R R B Y G G G Y - Air Instruments
G G B G G G Y G - All HOPOs
G G R R Y B Y B - Always Slide
Y G R B B B B R - AutoKick
G G R R Y R Y B - Contest Winner 1
Y G R G Y B G G - Focus Mode
G R G G Y G G G - HUD Free Mode
G R Y Y Y B B G - Invisible Characters
Y Y B R B G R R - Performance Mode
B B G G R G R Y - Unlock All Characters
B B R G G B B Y - Unlock All Songs (Quickplay)

Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.

Above And Beyond (10) - Complete a song with an average individual multiplier above 4x
All Four Bass Are Belong to Us (10) - Play a song with 4 Bass Guitarists
Barbershop (10) - Play a song with 4 Vocalists
Box Set (20) - Complete 100 songs in Quickplay
Challenge of the Supergroup (20) - Complete 5 band challenges at Gold or better
Chanteuse (10) - 5 Star 'Ex-Girlfriend', 'Send A Little Love Token'
and 'Only Happy When It Rains' as a Vocalist
Crank It Up To 11 (20) - Achieve a maxed out band multiplier as a standard band
Crowd Pleaser (5) - Fill your Rock Meter all the way
Did You Finish Like We Did? (5) - Came alive
Drumline (10) - Play a song with 4 Drummers
Explore the Studio Space (10) - Read 5 Tooltips in GHMix
Fest Quartet Quest (20) - Play 10 4-Player RockFest Mode games of any type
Going Diamond (50) - Complete 50 of the challenges at Diamond
Going Gold (20) - Complete 50 of the challenges at Gold or better
Going Platinum (30) - Complete 50 of the challenges at Platinum or better
Iron Lungs (20) - Complete a 25-phrase streak as a Vocalist
Juke Box (30) - Complete 300 songs in Quickplay
Me'nage a` Huit (20) - Play an online match with 8 players, all on the same instrument
No Mistakes Allowed (20) - Streak through the entirety of a song in Quickplay or Career
Open Minded (50) - Gave every one a chance
Our Powers Combined (10) - As a 4 player standard band, all 4 players activate
Star Power simultaneously
Outgoing (10) - Complete 25 Pro Face Off matches online (Win or Lose)
Over 9000! (5) - Went super
Play It To The Bone (20) - Make and complete a setlist which is at least 1 hour long
Producer (10) - Create a music studio song
Quadruple Threat (30) - Complete at least one challenge for every instrument
at Gold level or better
Representative (5) - Complete a sponsor gig challenge at Diamond level
Rising Star (20) - Collect 101 Stars in Career
Rocktopus (20) - Make a standard 8 player Band v Band match online, win or lose
Sampler Plate (30) - Play at least one song in Quickplay, Career and each
Competitive game type
Score Big (5) - Earn 500,000 points in a single song as a solo act
Score Bigger (10) - Earn 1,000,000 points in a single song as a solo act or band
Score Biggest (30) - Earn 3,000,000 points in a single song as a band
Senior Commander (10) - Earn 5 or more Stars on a song in Career or Quickplay
Shooting Star (30) - Collect 303 Stars in Career
Special Guest (10) - Complete a song with your Xbox 360 Avatar
Star Cluster (100) - Collect 808 Stars in Career
Starstruck (20) - Had a brush with celebrity
String Quartet (10) - Play a song with 4 Lead Guitarists
Super Star (50) - Collect 505 Stars in Career
Synchronized (10) - Complete 20 Band Moments
The Fabricated Four (10) - Create a band of 4 created rockers and play a song with them
The Grand Tour (30) - Unlock every venue in the world, and then some
The Streak (30) - Complete a 1001 note streak
The Traditional (50) - Beat the game
What's an LP? (20) - Complete 14 songs in Quickplay
What's New? (5) - Complete any tutorial's lesson on a new feature
You Want More? (10) - Play 5 encore gigs
Young Star (10) - Collect 25 Stars in Career

Feature Unlocks:
These features are unlocked by doing the corresponding challenge in career mode.
You must be on Easy for all vocal challenges, instrument challenges may require
a higher difficulty to meet the conditions noted.

Cheat: Auto-kick (all kick bass notes are autoplayed) - As drummer, hit 200 non-cymbal notes
on "Mirror People" (in Angel's Crypt
venue, fills don't count)
Extra: Focus Mode (blacks out background) - As a drummer, hit 265 tom notes
on "Brianstorm" (in The Golden Gate venue)
Extra: Hud-Free Mode (removes rock meter, star power guage, score display) - Аs a vocalist, get Excellent
on 75 consecutive phrases in
the rap song "Bring The Noise
20XX" (in Neon Oasis venue)
Extra: Performance Mode (removes track and hud) - With two players, get a band multipler for 42 seconds
on "Bleed American" (in The Aqueduct venue)
Quickplay Venue "Wormhole" (required for The Grand Tour) - As guitarist, 4X multiplier for 50sec
on "Play That Funky Music" (in Sideshow venue)

Special Guest Character Unlocks:
Below are some of the unlockable special guest characters and how to unlock them.

Carlos Santana - Complete the song "No One To Depend On (Live)" on any difficulty, any instrument
Johnny Cash - Complete the song "Ring of Fire" on any difficulty, any instrument
Kurt Cobain - Complete the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on any difficulty, any instrument
Shirley Manson - Complete the song "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" on any difficulty, any instrument

Character Costume Unlocks:
These costume unlocks are for the pre-made characters. Complete the song specific challenge to unlock them.

Axel Steel's Battle Scar outfit - Complete challenge for Medicate
Axel Steel's Hog Wild outfit - Complete challenge for Send a Little Love Token
Axel Steel's Shoulder Blades outfit - Complete challenge for Sympathy for the Devil
Casey Lynch's Flying Trapeze outfit - Complete challenge for Superstition
Casey Lynch's Monochrome Maiden outfit - Complete challenge for So Lonely
Casey Lynch's Sharpshooter outfit - Complete challenge for In My Place
Clive Winston's Deer Scout outfit - Complete challenge for Sneak Out
Clive Winston's Persuader outfit - Complete challenge for Blue Orchid
Clive Winston's Sugar Daddy outfit - Complete challenge for Shout It Out Loud
Eddie Knox's Casual Wednesday outfit - Complete challenge for Gamma Ray
Eddie Knox's Crusier outfit - Complete challenge for Make It wit Chu
Eddie Knox's Suede Spade outfit - Complete challenge for Six Days a Week
Izzy Sparks's Impresario outfit - Complete challenge for Feel Good Inc.
Izzy Sparks's Sideshow outfit - Complete challenge for Scatterbrain
Izzy Sparks's Stiki outfit - Complete challenge for Jailbreak
Johnny Napalm's 1976 outfit - Complete challenge for Judith
Johnny Napalm's Generation Zzyzx outfit - Complete challenge for Looks That Kill
Johnny Napalm's Suburban Snot outfit - Complete challenge for Fame
Judy Nails's Big Knee Pin outfit - Complete challenge for Gratitude
Judy Nails's Mall Chic outfit - Complete challenge for Runnin' Down a Dream
Judy Nails's The Riot Starts Here outfit - Complete challenge for You Give Love a Bad Name
Lars Umlaut's Grendel outfit - Complete challenge for All Along the Watchtower
Lars Umlaut's Soldier of Farce outfit - Complete challenge for In the Meantime
Lars Umlaut's Valhalla outfit - Complete challenge for We're an American Band
Pandora's Gretel outfit - Complete challenge for Steady, As She Goes
Pandora's State of Fluxus outfit - Complete challenge for Back Round
Pandora's Strapped outfit - Complete challenge for L.A.
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