Чит коды на Greg Hastings Paintball 2 (Xbox 360)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number
of Gamerscore points:

Wiper (5 points): Succesfully cheat once.
Unbreakable (25 points): Win a round without losing a teammate in
a 5-on-5 or bigger match-up.
Bromance (10 points): Win a split-screen round where neither you
nor your buddy are eliminated.
Lonewolf (20 points): Win a 7-on-7 or higher non-reinsertion game
where you eliminate all opponents.
Sharpshooter (20 points): Get three or more eliminations in a
round with over 25% accuracy.
Paint Monger (10 points): Shoot 10,000 paintballs.
Demolitionist (20 points): Eliminate three or more opponents with
a single grenade.
Olympian (15 points): Dive or slide 100 times.
One Hit Wonder (15 points): Win a round with 3+ eliminations
using a marker without having to reload in a 5v5 or larger match.
Bottom Feeder (20 points): Win a round entirely from the prone
Go Ballistic (25 points): Eliminate an opponent that you can't see
using the paintballs' trajectory.
Spy (15 points): Shoot an opponent in the back from their own side
of the field.
Pump Assassin (50 points): Using a pump-gun, eliminate 3 or more
opponents in a round without missing.
Cross Training (10 points): Win a woodsball and a speedball
Goggler (20 points): Eliminate three opponents by shooting them in
the goggles in a single round.
Lucky Clip (50 points): Eliminate an entire enemy team using a
single pistol clip in a non-reinsertion game.
Team Captain (5 points): Win a round where you issue field
commands to at least 3 teammates.
Connoisseur (100 points): Purchase all gear.
Mr. Popular (75 points): Play games with teammates from 50
real teams.
Billboard (10 points): Win an event while using the jersey, pants
and marker from the same manufacturer.
Speedball Champion (50 points): Complete all Speedball events.
Master Woodsman (50 points): Complete all Woodsball Events.
Jack of All Trades (50 points): Complete all Recball Events.
Paintball Legend (100 points): Complete all 3 event tracks
E'Ventual Evaporation (30 points): Eliminate three opponents in a
single round with a completely fogged mask.
World's Greatest Paintballer (125 points): Complete all events on
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