Чит коды на Galaga (Xbox 360)

Complete the following achievements to unlock the indicated
number of Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Stingray (25 points) - Find the Stingray during battle.
Scorpion (15 points) - Find the Scorpion during battle.
Dual Fighter (5 points) - Form the double ship.
Enemy Fighter (5 points) - Shoot down a red captured Fighter.
Perfect Bonus (15 points) - Shoot down all enemies in a Challenging Stage.
Dragonfly (10 points) - Find the Dragonfly during battle.
Mosquito (20 points) - Find the Mosquito during battle.
Galboss (30 points) - Find the Galboss during battle.
Blue Spaceship (30 points) - Find the Blue Spaceship during battle.
Stage 10 (5 points) - Reach Stage 10.
Stage 20 (10 points) - Reach Stage 20.
Stage 30 (30 points) - Reach Stage 30.
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