Чит коды на Fret Nice (Xbox 360)

Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.
All powered up (15) Have all 4 power-ups at the same time
Ambitiously ambidextrous (15) Clear at least 3 levels with all 3 controller types
Bubbler of the week (15) Get 10 enemies within the same bubble
Firewalker (15) Defeat 100 enemies using the Fire Boots
Given to wail (20) Clear all levels using a guitar
Hard as Rock (25) Complete the game on Hard difficulty
Incognito (25) In single player, clear each standard level collecting less than 20 points
Ready to rock (5) Clear the first level
Skull and crushed bones (15) Crush 10 skulls without touching the ground
Stabilized (15) Get all medals in any level
The Per Lundberg syndrome (30) Get 100% of all medals
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