Чит коды на Flowerz (Xbox 360)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number
of Gamerscore points:

First Bloom (5 points): Complete the first level in a game <#> of
Bouquet (5 points): Create 100 total flower matches in games of
Rotating Crops (5 points): Play a single game of Standard and
Expert modes.
Plan Ahead (10 points): Create a 3 level cascade of flowers.
Leisure Garden (10 points): Play 25 games of Flowerz.
Florist (10 points): Clear 1,000 total flowers in games of
Window Garden (10 points): Earn 100,000 total points in games of
Petal Power (10 points): Match 5 flowers in a single row.
Plan Far Ahead (15 points): Clear 12 flowers with a single flower
Flowerz Addict (15 points): Play 100 games of Flowerz.
Butterfly Luck (15 points): Use 100 total butterflies in games of
Flowerz Zen (20 points): Earn 250,000 total points in games of
Green Thumb (20 points): Reach level 20 in a single game of
Standard or Expert mode.
Clean Slate (25 points): Clear the board of flowers in Standard
and Expert modes.
Standard Master (25 points): Score 9,000 points during a single
Standard game.
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