Чит коды на Final Fantasy 9 (Xbox 360)

Easy Gil:
Whenever you get Crystals in battle, put them in an auction for
about 100 Gil each. You will make good money this way, or you can
put them in your bazaar for about 50 Gil each.

Grass Cloth:
Synthesis Yagudo Necklace with a Wind Crystal. This will get you
three spools of Grass Thread. Synthesis them with Earth Crystal to
get Grass Cloth.

Recommended places to level up in San d'Oria:
Go to the following locations in San d'Oria when at the indicated
levels to level up easily:
Level 1 to 7: West and East Ronfaure
Level 7 to 13: Ghelsaba Outpost
Level 14 to 18: Valkrum Dunes
Level 19 to 25: Peninsula
Level 26 to 34: Jugner Forest
Level 35 to 43: Davoi (possibly)
Level 44 to 52: Xarbard
Level 53 to 60: Deep King Ramperre's Tomb
Level 61 to 75: Ifrit's Caltron

Sheep Leather:
Synthesize a Goblin mask with a Wind Crystal to get a Sheep Leather.

Silk Thread:
To get Silk Thread very easily, defeat Crawlers in East Sartabaruta.
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