Чит коды на F1 2010 (Xbox 360)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number
of Gamerscore points:

Rookie driver (10 points): Successfully complete your first career race.
Face the press (10 points): Complete your first media interview.
Seeking Performance (10 points): Successfully complete an R&D test.
Hot Property (15 points): Accept a contract with a higher placed team.
Speed demon (10 points): Travel above 220 mph / 353 kph.
It's a set-up (15 points): Win a race using one of your own set-ups.
I ain't afraid of no ghost (15 points): Set a time in Time Trial mode.
2nd chance (10 points): Go on to win the race after using a Flashback.
Seasoned (25 points): Complete your first Season in Formula 1.
Well Drilled (15 points): Perform the perfect pit stop.
Semi auto (20 points): Complete a race using manual gears.
The magic number (5 points): Take your 3rd career victory.
Built to succeed (40 points): Win the Constructors World Championship.
Made perfect (20 points): Top the time sheet for all 3 Practice Sessions.
Top Step (30 points): Win a Career or Grand Prix Race.
World Champion (40 points): Win the Formula 1 Drivers Championship.
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