Чит коды на Every Extend Extra Extreme (Xbox 360)

Finish each achievement to get the gamerscore points:

Hide and Seek (15 Points):
Don't die for 60 seconds without a shield in E4.

Quick (20 Points):
Acquire 50 Quicken in E4.

Blue Wizard (20 Pionts):
Acquire 15 Trillion points on any level of E4.

Connoisseur (10 Points):
Acquire 125 points in ratings.

Player of Power (15 Points):
Acquire 10 consecutive Beat Bonuses in E4.

Shooter Silver (10 Points):
Finish Stage 25 on the R4.

Shooter Gold (20 Points):
Beat Stage 100 on the R4.

Yellow Wizard (10 Points):
Don't die for 30 minutes on any level in E4.

Chain Wizard (20 Points):
Get more than 2000 chain reactions in E4.

Extreme (30 Points):
Acquire 5 consecutive Beat Bonuses while on a x100 score multiplier in E4.

Large Head (10 Points):
Acquire 20 wins in H4.

Chain Master (10 Points):
Get more than 1000 chain reactions in E4.
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