Чит коды на Eternal Sonata (Xbox 360)

Acquire Encore Mode:
Finish the game once. View the ending and save your game; next, begin a new game from your old save file.Party Level 2 (10 points):
Acquire party level 2.

Party Level 3 (10 points):
Acquire party level 3.

Party Level 4 (10 points):
Acquire party level 4.

Party Level 5 (10 Points):
Acquire party level 5.

Party Level 6 (20 points):
Acquire party level 6.

Raindrops (10 points):
Finish Chapter 1.

Revolution (10 points):
Finish Chapter 2.

Fantaisie (10 points):Finish Chapter 3.

Grande Valse (10 points):
Finish Chapter 4.

Nocturne (10 points):
Finish Chapter 5.

Tristesse (10 points):
Finish Chapter 6.

Heroic (10 points):
Finish Chapter 7.

Mirror (10 points):
Finish Final chapter: Heaven's Mirror.

Xylophone Treasure (80 points):
Use your orb to open the secret door in Xylophone Tower.

Released Soul (79 points):
Emancipate Chord's Soul from Fort Fermata.

Score Piece (100 points):
Acquire all 32 Score Pieces.

Rondo (50 points):
Beat Rondo in Mysterious Unison.

Pirate's Booty (80 points):
Get Dolce's booty.

Hero's Gate (30 points):
Use the Hero's Crest to open the way to Mysterious Unison.

Grand Final (70 points):
Beat Frederic with Claves acquired.

EZI Worshipper (321 points):
Acquire all EZI items in the game.

Claves's Resurrection (50 points):
Get all 7 pieces of Claves's Soul.

Completion Harder Replay:
Beat the game and save. Re-load the cleared saved game file; you can begin a new game with all previously acquired Score Pieces, Party Levels and a Hero's Crest.
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