Чит коды на Death Tank (Xbox 360)

Death Tank Zwei:
Use your cannon to shoot down the supply airplane that drops the $100 pellets to
unlock Death Tank Zwei, which itself was a hidden game that originally appeared
in the Sega Saturn version of Duke Nukem 3D.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of
Gamerscore points:

Tank Commander (25 points): Attain the rank of Tank Commander.
Hard Shot (5 points): Shoot an enemy using full power.
Revenge (15 points): Eliminate your killer with your last dying shot and get
Cleanup (5 points): Kill 2 enemy tanks with one nuke. "A nuke on the
battlefield is worth two in the store."
The Vice (20 points): Kill an enemy while flying upside down.
The Dex (20 points): One shot an enemy tank using a straight up MIRV.
Deadeye (15 points): Hit and kill an enemy with 3 shells in a row. Each shell
must be airborne for at least 1 second.
Missile Master (25 points): Hit an enemy with 3 missiles in a row. Each
missile must spend at least 2 seconds in the air.
Jump (15 points): Fly half the width of the screen and stick the landing... In
under 5 seconds.
Veteran (10 points): Rack up 50 on the Total Kills leaderboard.
Elite (20 points): Rack up 250 on the Total Kills leaderboard.
Maniac (25 points): Rack up 5000 on the Total Kills leaderboard.
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