Чит коды на Cabela's North American Adventures (Xbox 360)


A Barrel of Fun (30)
Unlock all the barrels in the game
A Real Hunting Story (40)
Finish the Career on Pro Hunter difficulty setting
A Sportsman Hunting Story (30)
Finish the Career on Sportsman difficulty setting
Best Thanksgiving Ever (30)
Hunt 2 toms
Blood Hound (30)
Find 10 animal tracks
Crack Shot (30)
Obtain Gold medals for all Courses in
the Shooting Galleries
Dirty Player (30)
Use at least 4 different Perks against opponents
in an Online Match
Fabulous! (30)
Unlock all the paint schemes in the game
Film Expert (30)
Film at least 2 episodes worth more than 100 points
Full Arsenal (30)
Unlock all custom gun parts in the game
Fully Stocked (30)
Unlock all the stocks in the game
Griefmaster (30)
Use at least 8 different Perks against opponents
in an Online Match
Gun Smith (30)
Make all your rifles and shotguns in
the Gun Builder from unlocked parts
Hunting for Gold (30)
Obtain Gold medals in all Hunters Challenge Courses
I Love My Gun (30)
Shoot down at least 10 different big-game species
with a custom rifle
I See You (30)
Unlock all the scopes in the game
Kill Stealer (30)
Kill an animal wounded by an opponent during
an Online Match
Master Quacker (30)
Make at least 3 Awesome Duck calls
Mutant Deer (30)
Take down at least one Albino Deer
Mutant Elk (30)
Take down at least one Albino Elk
One with your Gun (30)
Take down a trophy with a fully customized firearm
Open Season (30)
Finish your first hunting mission
Out of Sight! (30)
Hunt a Big Game Trophy from more than 80 yards
Quit Diggin' in my Yard (30)
Obtain Gold medals in all Prairie Dog Shoot Courses
Ringneck Warrior (30)
Hunt at least 10 pheasants
Season Premiere (30)
Successfully complete your first episode
Sharp Shooter (30)
Finish an Online Match with at least 70% Accuracy
The Mission Comes First (30)
Complete 5 collected objectives in Online Matches
Them's the Brakes (30)
Unlock all muzzle brakes in the game
To Give is to Receive (30)
Unlock all the receivers in the game
Trophy Sniper (30)
Take down 5 trophies with one shot each
Undercover Hunter (30)
Take down at least 3 trophies from a Blind
Wingman (30)
Take down at least 40 ducks
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