Чит коды на Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 (Xbox 360)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number
of Gamerscore points:

What Does Indy hate? (50 points): Hunt 50 snakes in Story Mode.
Grizzly Defeat (50 points): Kill the Grizzly Bear boss without
dying during the fight (in Story Mode).
Rhino Defeat (50 points): Kill the Rhino boss without dying during
the fight (in Story Mode).
Kaftar Defeat (50 points): Kill the Kaftar boss without dying
during the fight (in Story Mode).
I Like Spicy Wings (50 points): Hunt 50 birds in Story Mode.
Steady Hand, Great Scope (50 points): Hunt an animal with the
Rifle that is at least 50 yards away while using the Scope (in
Story Mode).
Bow In Front of Me (50 points): Hunt 20 animals with the Crossbow
(in Story Mode).
Adventure Over (100 points): Complete the Story Mode.
Collector's Edition (50 points): Collect all Experience Items and
shoot down all Marksman Targets (in Story Mode).
I See You (50 points): Hunt 30 animals while using Hunter Sense
(in Story Mode).
Hair Away From Death (50 points): Narrowly escape death 20 times.
Hidden Pages (50 points): Collect all Journal Pages (in Story Mode).
I Will Survive (50 points): Survive Survival Shooting Gallery 1
(Night Fangs) for more than 7 minutes.
Gallery Lover (50 points): Obtain a Bronze or better on all of the
Shooting Gallery Classic levels.
Pathfinder (50 points): Successfully play through all possible
path combinations in both Trek Shooting Galleries.
Combo Wizard (50 points): Get a 50 animal combo in any Shooting
Gallery level.
Bonus Lover (50 points): Obtain and use every Power-Up type in any
Shooting Gallery level.
Lucky Number (50 points): Kill 7 Birds with one Shotgun shot.
Defuser (50 points): Disarm 30 traps in Story Mode (bear traps or
land mines).
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