Чит коды на Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII (Xbox 360)

Также известная как: Пылающий Ангел 2 : Секретные Миссии Второй Мировой
Various cheats:
The first cheat code should be entered at the Main Menu.
The following 2 cheat codes should be entered while the
game is paused. (For best results, at the very start
of each mission).

All Missions and Planes Unlocked:
Hold LT and RT and press X-LB-RB-Y(2)-RB-LB-X at
the Main Menu

God Mode:
Pause Game, hold LT, then quickly press X-Y(2)-X.
Then hold RT and quickly press Y-X(2)-Y

Increased Damage with all Weapons:
Pause Game, hold LT and quickly press LB(2)-RB.
Then hold RT and quickly press RB(2)-LB

Vampire MK1:
Unlock the Vampire during game play. Then, hold LT + RT
and press LB, LB, Y, Y, X, LB at the main menu.
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