Чит коды на Big Bumpin' (Xbox 360)

Pink Bumper Car Unlockable:
Defeat the Bump Master Classic.

Bumper Car (Purple):
Prevail in the World Bump Tournament.

Gamerscore Points:

First Victory - 10:
Prevail in any game that takes place across Xbox Live.

Bump Master Classic - 10:
Beat the Bump Master Classic and getting the bonus car.

Charge - 15:
Drop 100 Gamerscore Points of charge in one fell swoop.

World Bump Champion - 15:
Complete the World Bump tournament.

Striker - 20:
Acquire a sum total of 100 of goals scored with a player's profile.

Outclassed - 20:
Beat a game of anything on Xbox Live without hitting "boost."

Not More! - 20:
Beat an online game on any Own the Puck level with 0 gamerscore points.

Knockout King - 20:
Acquire a sum total 100 of Knockouts (counting both offline and online)
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