Чит коды на Battlefield: Bad Company (Xbox 360)

Enter the codes in the Multiplayer/Ulockables menu.
Unlock Recon Kit (QBU88)
Enter your3mynextt4rget as a code.
Unlock Special Ops Kit (UZI)
Enter cov3r1ngthecorn3r as a code.
Unlock Support Kit (M60)
Enter try4ndrunf0rcov3r as a code.

Find All Five Weapons:
Assault Rifle:
Register your old Battlefield games
Light Machine Gun:
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Semi-Automatic Shotgun:
After playing an Online game login and check your stats
Sniper Rifle:
Pre-Order the game from a participating
etailer before June 23rd, 2008.
Play the "Battlefield: Bad Company Demo" and get
to rank 4. (2300 EXP required to reach rank 4.)

Conserve Grenades:
Use your knife to bust out the house doors or windows; this will save you grenades.

Use your Power Tools:
The Power Tool is used to fix cars, but it can also be used to knock down walls and slay foes.

Ooh Rah (20 Points):
Acquire half of all awards in online match.

Special (10 Points):
Acquire Rank 3 in online match.

Vehikill (20 Points):
Acquire at least one kill in every vehicle in online match.

Squad (15 Points):
Get 20 Squad members spawn on you without dying in a round in online match.

Devil Dogs (15 Points):
Use Squad in the menu, locate a friend and play one round via online match.
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