Чит коды на Aqua (Xbox 360)


Naval Academy Award (10) - Finish the Tutorial.
Battle Bravery Badge (10) - Defeat the Prize Cruiser.
Admiralty Almanac (10) - Unlock all player ships in the game.
Navy Shield of Merit (20) - Defeat the Biotica Serpenta.
Emperean Navy Medal of Honor (30) - Defeat the Biotica Ultima.
Collector of Collectibles (30) - Collect all Collectibles in the game.
Shellshock (10) - Destroy a Behemoth artillery ship.
Legend (20) - Kill 2500 enemies.
Gadget Finder (10) - Find the hidden upgrade in the Prologue mission.
Divine (20) - Finish an episode without dying on Extreme.
Wavebreaker (20) - Survive 25 waves in Skirmish mode.
Chaser (10) - Win 10 Chase mode games.
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