Чит коды на All Round Hunter (Xbox 360)


Animal Party (40)
Unlock all the animals
Basic Huting Skills (10)
Move around a level
Best Hunter (40)
Win your first multi player game
Better Luck Next Time (40)
Lose your first multi player game
Blind Hunt (25)
Hunt one animal from a blind
British Columbia Hunter (30)
Finish all missions from British Columbia Early Fall
Call to Arms (10)
Hunt any animal by calling it to your location
Cats in the Bag (30)
Hunt every type of cat (Bobcat, Lynx, etc.)
Competitive Hunter (10)
Play your first multi player game
Complete Hunter (30)
Hunt 1 of each animal type
Don't Just Stand There, Shoot (20)
Hunt 5 animals from a stand
Duck Hunter (15)
Hunt 10 ducks using a shotgun
Early Fall Hunter (30)
Finish all missions from the Wyoming early fall environment
Elk on the Loose (10)
Hunt 2 elk
Fall Hunter (30)
Finish all missions from the fall environment
Fashion Victim (20)
Unlock all types of clothing
Firearms Collection (30)
Unlock all firearms
Fox Trot (30)
Put 10 foxes in your trophy room
Gearing Up (20)
Unlock all items
Get a Tail Feather (20)
Hunt 10 pheasants
Get to Know (10)
Bag 1 animal
Grouse Hunter (10)
Hunt 5 Grouse
Hunting Frenzy (20)
Hunt 10 animals
I'm the Best (30)
Win all missions from multi-player mode
Inspector (30)
Inspect your first track
Learn to Track (10)
Track down you first animal
Looks Real to Me (10)
Hunt any animal by using a decoy
Lure the Animals (10)
Use all the lures (including decoys and bait)
Marksman Level 1 (20)
Shoot one animal using any shotgun
Mission Accomplished (40)
Win all the missions
Missions Man (10)
Finish one mission on normal difficulty
Moose Fanatic (20)
Fill your trophy room with Moose mounts
Night Hunter (15)
Hunt 2 of each night animal
Odor-Free (30)
Use all the scent items in the game
Rabbit Race (10)
Collect your first trophy
Rabbit's Foot (20)
Kill 10 rabbits using any allowed firearm
Revolver (20)
Hunt any animal using the handgun
Rules and Regulation (20)
Hunt 10 times without breaking any rules
Sheep Double (10)
Hunt one bighorn sheep and one Dall sheep
Sixth Sense (10)
Enter Sixth Sense for the first time
This is My Turf (20)
Win all the missions form early fall environment
in multi player
Top Gun (20)
Finish one mission on realistic difficulty
Trophy Collector (15)
You filled your trophy room
Turkey Shoot (10)
Hunt 5 turkeys
Ultimate Hunter (30)
complete all missions from any environment
Winter Hunter (30)
Finish all missions from the winter environment
Zero Magnification (30)
Win a mission without using any scope or Binoculars
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