Чит коды на Alien Hominid HD (Xbox 360)

Complete the following achievements to
unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Alien in Training (5 points)
Complete level 1-1.
Hungry Yeti (10 points)
Eat 50 KGB Agents with the Yeti.
City Destroyer (10 points)
Destroy 25 buildings during one game.
Juvenile Alien (10 points)
Complete the game on the Easy difficulty.
Adult Alien (15 points)
Complete the game on the Medium difficulty.
Expert Alien (20 points)
Complete the game on the Hard difficulty.
Head Chomper (20 points)
Head bite 50 enemies without touching the ground or firing.
Killing Spree (15 points)
Kill 1,000 enemies during one game.
Mad Hatter (20 points)
Unlock all 31 hats.
Perfect Flight (30 points)
Defeat the final Boss without using a continue.
Survivalist (25 points)
Survive any challenge mode for 20 minutes.
WMD (20 points)
Reach 5000 km in Super Soviet Missile Master.

Easy Survivalist and Killing Spree achievements:
Select the Area 51 Challenge. Start by killing
everything in sight. Wait for the big metal robot
to appear from the right. Do not destroy it. It does
not kill you. As soon as it enters the screen, stand
directly under it and start shooting in the opposite
direction. You will kill everything that appears
from the left side and the enemies jumping over the
robot with ease. Keep this up for about twenty minutes
to unlock both achievements at the same time.
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