Чит коды на Absolute: Blazing Infinity (Xbox 360)

Complete each achievement to receive
the allotted gamerscore.

"Name" Acquired 01 (100)
Declining of ruling power
"Name" Acquired 02 (100)
Weapon master
"Name" Acquired 03 (100)
Armor master
"Name" Acquired 04 (100)
Ring master
"Name" Acquired 05 (100)
Howling to the dawn sky
"Name" Acquired 06 (100)
"Name" Acquired 07 (100)
Source of wisdom
"Name" Acquired 08 (100)
Top of all things
"Name" Acquired 09 (100)
Destruction of the ruler
"Name" Acquired 10 (100)
Reached higher than God
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