Чит коды на A Ressha de Ikou HX (Xbox 360)

Underground Town Propulsion Project - 30 Gamerscore:
The count of underground towns is more than 100.

Important Point of Industry - 30 Gamerscore:
The count of factories is more than 30.

Growth of Real Estate Business - 40 Gamerscore:
Money on sale with real estate is more than Y2 trillion.

Big Amount Taxpayer - 40 Gamerscore:
Tax payment is more than Y1 trillion.

Nationwide Conquest - 80 Gamerscore:
Complete the existing game map.

Symptom of Management Success - 40 Gamerscore:
The interest to the bank is more than Y50 billion.

Highest Trader - 40 Gamerscore:
The profit owned to buying and selling the stocks is more than Y1 trillion.
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