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Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (Xbox 360)

Также известная как: Полное издание Burnout Paradise
License Upgrades:
These are the number of events for each license upgrade:

A License: Win 26 events
B License: Win 16 events
Burnout Elite License: Beat all Events
Burnout Paradise License: Win 45 events
C License: Win 7 events
D License: Win 2 events

These are the unlockable Bikes:

Nakumura Firehawk GP Competition:
Complete all Burning and Midnight Rides
Nakumura FV1100-TI:
Complete 19 Burning or Midnight Rides

Picture Paradise: Tour Of The City:
Stop the car - stay put for a few seconds, the engine
will turn off indicated by the red back lights turning
off. Wait for another few seconds and the screen will
turn monochrome, the camera will start to move around the
city and the music will turn to well known light
hearted classical pieces.
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