Cheats for Track And Field (Xbox 360)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of
Gamerscore points:

Good Form (10 points): Complete a legal jump in the Long Jump event with an
elevation of exactly 45 degrees.
Consistent Throwing (10 points): Complete three consecutive throws over 65
meters in the Javelin Throw event.
Super Sprinter (10 points): Complete the 100 Meter Dash in less than 10
Fast Track (15 points): Beat your opponent by more than a second in the 110
Meter Hurdles event.
Legendary Leaper (15 points): Jump longer than 9 meters in the Long Jump
Big Thrower (15 points): Throw the javelin further than 80 meters.
Speedy Jumper (15 points): Complete the 110 Meter Hurdles event in less than
12 seconds.
Bird Catcher (15 points): Spear a bird!
1st Place (20 points): Complete the first 6 events and be in 1st place.
Hercules (20 points): Hurl the hammer further than 90.00 meters.
Human Spring (25 points): Clear a 2.38 meter jump in the High Jump event.
Perfection (30 points): Qualify on every individual attempt in the first 6
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