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Cheats for TimeShift (Xbox 360)

Play as Dr. Aiden Krone:
Enter the options menu, select "Multiplayer", "Model", then press Left to
highlight Dr. Aiden Krone. Press Y, then enter "RXYMCPENCJ" as a code to unlock
the Dr. Aiden Krone skin in Multiplayer mode. -From: vitruvian_soulless

Low gravity, jump higher, and run faster:
While playing in Single Player mode, select "System Link" at the main menu, then
"Host" a game. Select any game type. Set the gravity to "Very Low", jumping to
"Very High", and movement to "Very Fast". Host the game, and it will fail.
Return to the main menu, then select Single Player mode. The settings from
system link will continue into your single player game.

Defeating the final Boss:
In the battle with Dr. Krone's gigantic Sentinel, when you destroy one of his
guns with the Pulse Gun, Krone will send artillery raining on your roof. In
order to escape this barrage, slow time, and go into the far right corner. Face
the wall and look up at Krone's Sentinel. Jump up on the platform. Keep running
to the right into the corner. You will take no damage while in that corner. This
works for all three barrages.
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