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Cheats for Time Pilot (Xbox 360)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of
Gamerscore points:

Bomber Hunter (15 points): Shoot down 4 bomber planes in 1940.
Complete 2001 (30 points): Complete 2001.
Formation Buster (10 points): Shoot down all the planes from a single
formation 3 times in one game.
Missile Attack 1 (10 points): Shoot down 10 bombs in 1910.
Missile Attack 2 (15 points): Shoot down 20 homing missiles in 1970.
Perfection (20 points): Reach 2001 without losing a life.
Reach 1940 (20 points): Complete 1910, making it through to 1940.
Reach 1970 (15 points): Complete 1940, making it through to 1970.
Reach 1982 (20 points): Complete 1970, making it through to 1982.
Reach 2001 (20 points): Complete 1982, making it through to 2001.
Rescue Mission (15 points): Rescue 10 parachuters in one game.
Smooth Operator (15 points): Reach 1940 without losing a life.
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