Cheats for Kung-Fu Panda (Xbox 360)

On the main menu, go to "Extras", click on the "cheats" button,
and enter the following codes:
[Down], [Down], [Right], [Up], [Left] - Invincibility
[Left], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Down] - Unlock all multiplayer characters
[Up], [Down], [Up], [Right], [Left] - 4x Damage multiplyer
[Down], [Right], [Left], [Up], [Down] - Infinite Chi
[Down], [Up], [Left], [Right], [Right] - Big Head mode
[Right], [Left], [Down], [Up], [Right] - Unlock All Outfits
[Left], [Right], [Down], [Left], [Up] - Unlock Full upgrades
[Left], [Down], [Right], [Left], [Up] - Unlock Dragon Warrior in multiplayer
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